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Welcome to the official website of Ralf Bernhard Braun

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Ralfart - website at a glance!

Welcome to the official website of the artist Ralf Bernhard Braun.

Here is a little insight into my artistic work, soon a few animated films will be uploaded here, so it’s worth taking a look at the page again.

Overview of the courses I offer, both for children, teenagers and adults. If an appointment takes place again it will appear here!

For everyone who wants to give me an order, please look at the services first, if there is nothing that corresponds to your project, just write to us, we will surely find a solution.

I hope you all stay healthy in these crazy times we live in!

Bilder- Eis Cream made by Ralf Bernhard Braun

The right reading for every project!

Find out more about the services I offer!


Animator 4

After a long search, the perfect animation program finally found Animator 4, for those who make their own animated films and are interested in it, click here.


Anyone who wants to buy my art conveniently online from home will have the opportunity at Muckefuckart, not only my art is offered! Website is still under construction! As soon as the time comes, a Countdouwn will appear here!

Kunstream 4.0

Kunstream goes into the next round, for all those who know about the project, Corona offers us an opportunity to bring the project back to life!

It is never too late to learn something new

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